Honoring several centuries of history and traditions.

The Cantina di Ortona Winemaking Cooperative was founded in a region known for its strong ties to the land and its long-standing winemaking traditions.

Established in 1960, our winemaking co-op is dedicated to the production of fine wines from local grape varietals. Upholding exacting standards and using the newest technological advances in winemaking equipment, our cooperative produces a variety of wines and wine related products. We encourage collective investment for the improvement of winemaking techniques and the strengthening of distribution and market promotion.

Our primary goal as a winemaking cooperative is to provide our members with the newest equipment and advanced winemaking techniques as a path to personal growth and success as well as a means to ensure the continuous increase in the modernization and improvement of wine production in the local area.

Idee regalo cantina di ortona


Cantina di Ortona
CANTINA DI ORTONA Via Civiltà del Lavoro, 111 - 66026 Ortona (CH) Italia - Tel : 085.9062218 Fax : 085.9066211 - VAT 00090030693
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