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In memory of “Battle of Ortona 1943”

“Gustav” is a commemorative label with which we want remember “Battle of Ortona”, fought in the winter of 1943 in our seaside town devoted to viticolture. The “Gustav line” was an imaginary demarcation line that connected Ortona to Cassino. This line, designed from the Axis Forces to defend themself agasinst the advance of the Allies Forces from South, was a point of strenght as it crossed central Italy from Adriatic sea to Tyrrhenian sea.

The Gustav wines want pay homage to the pride and courage of Canadian warriors during the “Battle of Ortona” thanks to their war preparation and their stoic sacrifice.


Montepulciano d’Abruzzo D.O.P. | Merlot Sirah I.G.P. | Pinot Grigio I.G.P.| Falanghina I.G.P.

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Capitano Paul Triquet
Commander of the 22nd Royal Regiment of Quebec

Berardi’s home is the symbolic place of the “Battle of Ortona” in which 1,375 Canadians died. In fact right here Paul Triquet, commander of the 22nd Royal Regiment of the Quebec, between 20 and 28 December 1943, earned the first ‘Victoria Cross’ of the three obtained by Canadians during the Italian campaign of the 2nd / a World War.

Capitano Paul Triquet


Etichetta “Gustav”
We thought of a label cut in two parts to represent the Italy of that period, divided between the Republic of Salò in the north and the advanced of Allies from the south who tried to climb the peninsula hunting the enemies over the Gustav line.

The label we created embodies the most characteristic elements of the “Battle of Ortona” with symbols that represent the key points of that particular historical period, but above all the heroic sacrifice of Canadian soldiers for the defense of our beloved Adriatic town.

On the background of our country we report an original letter of a civilian who told his family the most bloody episodes of the battle.


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