Cantina di Ortona winery has been producing fine wines since opening its doors in 1960.

Located in central Italy, the Ortona area has long been known for its prized vineyards and its rich history of vinicultural and winemaking traditions spanning several centuries.

Full of local flavors and bottled with the greatest care and attention to detail, our wines tell a story of Italian passion and authenticity.

Supplying large-scale distributors and retailers with our wines, we take special care to ensure our products are made in accordance with the latest scientific advances and using cutting-edge technologies. New production technologies, attention to detail and unique regional grape varietals contribute to the high quality of our wine, making it a competitive player on the ever-expanding global market.

Cantina di Ortona has been a member of the Abruzzo Wine Syndicate since 2004. The Syndicate is entrusted with the trademark protection and promotion of wines from the Abruzzo region with protected designation of origin.


Cantina di Ortona
CANTINA DI ORTONA Via Civiltà del Lavoro, 111 - 66026 Ortona (CH) Italia - Tel : 085.9062218 Fax : 085.9066211 - VAT 00090030693
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